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Welcome to Uptime On Corporation

Backup Monitoring

Monitor Backups, Cloud Backups, Backup Software and even other Backup Monitoring Services.

Uptime Monitoring

Affordable, easy way to use, protect and monitor all of your systems; anytime, anywhere.

Application Monitoring

Always know if application uptime is on with application monitoring and alerts

Hardware and Real-World Monitoring

Monitor Hardare including PCs, mobile deevices, servers, routers, switches, power, environmental conditions and physcial spaces using security cameras and trained security profesionals.

Virtual Environment Monitoring

Monitor your VMs with Uptime On optimized for all major hyper visors: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Linux KVM, mid-range systems, servers and Desktops. Monitor your backsups to cloud providers including Dropbox, AWS, Azure and Google Drive.


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Our Focus

What we do
Backup Monitoring

Monitoring backup files and folders

Monitoring Monitors

We're watching the watchers.

Security Monitoring

Managed Nagios Log Monitoring for Security

Monitoring Support

Fax, SMS, Email, Skpe, Snapchat or Telephone



Monitor Backups to and from Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, your local systems or your choice of backup host(s) or FTP servers.